I can’t say enough about her calming energy, positive attitude and intuitive nature.
Truly a gem of a find.  -M.G., Physical Therapist, NYC

I have worked with Jona at Samadhi for Peace over the last year with focus on meditation and healing therapy. Jona’s intuitive nature and her gentle yet disciplined approach to meditation has changed my life in many ways including creating less stress in what is often a highly stressful corporate work environment. I can also attribute an overall stronger sense of well being in my life that I did not have before I worked with her one on one. I highly recommend Samadhi for Peace to anyone looking to tap into their inner peace, a peace that has always been there, but with Jona’s guidance– you can find it again. -J.F., PR Executive, Malibu

Jona has been my go-to Guru for a variety of modalities for several years. I can not speak more highly of her professionalism, expertise and sweet spirit. One of the many things that I appreciate about Jona is how she truly takes the time to listen to you before each session to garner a full understanding about what you are trying to work through or with. She takes her time, she listens, she customizes her care, she produces immediate results, she will change your life!
-C.J., F&B Executive, West Hollywood

Jona is an incredible healer and meditation teacher with extremely sharp instincts for the people she works with. I trust her implicitly and so far I have not been disappointed with any of her events that she has done. -J.K., Project Manager, Los Angeles

Jona is a remarkable teacher, healer and channel for energy that can transform you. We met in a meditation class in which she showed me how to build a lasting practice, a minute or two at a time. The guided meditation sessions we have done together have reached into the past and future, and the healing they’ve brought, and changes they’ve wrought, are deep and lasting.
In working with her, I’ve found inspirations for my business and creative work, gained a new sense of peace about my past and learned to connect to the energy that’s always there to heal and guide us.
Jona’s presence is calming, focusing and healing. She has a lot of light, a lot of laughter, and a lot of wisdom, much of it grounded in the not-so-woo-woo world of brain science. She’s a modern-day mystic, and I highly recommend her and the programs she offers through Samadhi for Peace.
She wants to change the world by helping you change your world. I think it’s working!
-D.F.G., Editor & Writer, Los Angeles