Week 3 – Homework

Look Away.

Who knew it could be that easy?

This week, you’re going to find out for yourself by taking opportunities both in and out of meditation to use this ancient practice.
Maybe this means a midday walk around the block. Maybe it’s as simple as putting the pen down or getting up from the keyboard for a drink of water…and drinking it someplace other than your office.
Meditate at least once daily but try bumping it up to two times a day. Play scientist, documenting evidence and noticings in your journal.

How long?

  • Just beginning: Try 5-10 minutes. Notice what comes up as you sit for greater periods of time on your own. If 5-10 minutes is too much, break it up into 2 minute intervals-just as we’ve done in class.
  • You’ve meditated for a while or are returning to a practice: Do 15-20 minutes at a time.
  • Have had a consistent (at least 4x a week) practice for the past year or more: At least 20-60 minutes.

What else?

  • Stretch before sitting. Spinal twists, forward bends and hip-openers are helpful. Consider how making space in the body is related to making space in the mind.
  • “Look Away” at least three times this week. Practice surrendering to giving that-thing-that’s-on-your-mind over.
  • Connect with a Pure Heart at the start of each meditation. Try doing it before entering a conversation with a loved one too-even if it’s just a conversation about the weather. Be sure to write about what happens and new noticings around the Pure Heart approach in your meditation journal.
  • After connecting with your breath and beginning to settle in, set an intention for the practice. Allow something other than a grand concept.
  • At the close of each practice, dedicate the merit. This may be to yourself, a situation, loved one, relationship, goal, or even to someone or a group of people whom you do not know.
  • Contemplate who was doing the looking and who was being watched during this week’s class. Journal your thoughts.
  • Come to class prepared to share at least one “new noticing” or question from the week’s practice.
  • Silence notifications for emails/texts/calls and set your timers. Remind yourself that there’s nothing more important than taking time to meditate.

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