Crystal Healing Certification for Reiki Practitioners



Intuitive Development Intensive


Crystal Healing for Reiki Practitioners Certification


:: Learn how to safely and effectively incorporate crystals into your Reiki healing sessions     

:: Develop your intuition so that you can read any stone with confidence

:: Add value to your services as a professional healer

:: Incorporate crystal therapy with any of your other certifications such as yoga, nursing, cosmetology, coaching, astrology, personal training, meditation, massage, etc

:: Quickly cleanse and care for crystals using Reiki

:: 32 hours of training and healing

:: Samadhi for Peace Crystal Healing for Reiki Practitioners Certification

:: Small class size

:: Learn from highly regarded Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Jona Genova, who has traveled to Japan to study Reiki, has thousands hours of client experience and has studied Tibetan Buddhist compassion practices for more than 20 years

:: Healthy snacks provided (vegan & gluten free options!) 

:: Beautiful, easy to follow Samadhi for Peace Crystal Healing Guide


:: Reiki empowered goal setting ceremony

:: Intuitive development exercises

:: Crystal Healing Kit with Jona’s 15 essential healing stones

:: Crystal Empowerment Ceremony


:: 18 classroom hours over seven weeks

:: Create your own flashcards to help retain knowledge

:: Guided crystal meditations

:: Healing exchanges to help you build relationships with other members of our tribe and gain confidence in your healing abilities

:: Final exam so that you know you are ready to heal others


:: Lifelong support, networking and friendship in the Samadhi for Peace Healing Tribe

:: Private Facebook group to share experiences and ask questions

:: Monthly Reiki Shares

:: Several free or reduced admission Samadhi for Peace Healing Tribe events every year 

:: Annual Holiday Party

:: Ongoing support from Reiki Master, Jona Genova

:: Dedicated healers receive opportunities to co-host events with Jona


We call it #SpecialOpsRocks


This unique training programmed is designed specifically for Reiki Practitioners

to learn how to safely incorporate crystals in their healing sessions.

The curriculum includes classroom hours, healing exchanges and loads of support to hone your intuition.

Below are classroom hours.

You’ll be scheduling healing exchanges at times that fit with your own schedule.


Saturday, April 21st: 10-12pm – Zoom Session

Saturday, May 12th: 8-6pm – Laguna Beach

Monday, May 14th: 7-9pm – Zoom Session

Saturday, May 26th: 10-12pm – Zoom Session

Sunday, June 10th: 9-12pm — Laguna Beach


  • In Module 3, you will become certified to use crystals during your Reiki healing sessions.
  • Modules 1 & 2 are prerequisites for Module 3. If you are already Reiki 1 & 2 (or Master) certified, we still require you to complete Modules 1 & 2 in order to be eligible for Module 3. 
  • We recommend taking all three modules. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the programs and requirements.


We offer several payment options for the #2018ReikiExperience.

Your tuition includes all materials. 


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I’m so excited that you will be adding crystals to your healing repertoire! 

My clients visibly sink deeper into their healings when I place crystals on them and

the crystals can teach us to be more intuitive healers.


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The Reiki #2018Experience is a radical approach to energy healing training.

We’re working hard to make this the most impactful, credible training system out there.

While this is an entirely new program,

we welcome you to read what other students are saying about past certifications.


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While we do our best to provide an accurate description of the course before knowing who will sign up,  some details may to change to best suit the needs of our actual participants. Please feel free to contact Jona with any questions or concerns.