Virtual Classroom

Not just a video you download.

With all of the available apps, mp3s and YouTube videos,
why would you ever pay for or go to a meditation class?

You’re not the only one asking.

Extensive research is being done to find out if we can create
pre-recorded meditation programs that respond to listeners’ thoughts.
No such product exists.

Why do meditation students travel the world to study with their teachers?

The answer is the essence of these practices.

In the presence of certain people, we visit higher realms of meditation than if we were alone.

. . .

From free, weekly Community Meditation
to our introductory course Lift Off,
to body and mind changing 8 Weeks,
JediTraining for advanced students,
our LIVE Virtual platform makes all the difference for your studies and practice.

Here’s a list of our upcoming in-person and virtual programming.