Don’t Worry!

Even though you missed special pricing for 8 Weeks,
there’s still time to register!

8 weeks is how long it’ll take to see a measurable difference in your biochemistry.
But you’ll notice a greater sense of calm even before then.

By way of a LIVE virtual platform, you can
join a group of meditators on a journey to inner peace.

Benefit from sitting with a teacher for an hour and a half a week,
in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.

Meditate on your own the rest of the week or
add live virtual private sessions.

Chat with other members of the group.
Or not.

Build a solid foundation for your practice and better way of life
with an experienced and compassionate teacher as your guide.

. . .

What you get:
:: Nine 1.5 hour live classes led by Jona.
We encourage you to participate live which is why we offer two times per week but if you miss a class, it will be emailed to you.
:: Each class consists of a teaching, guided meditation practice and time for Q&A.
:: Weekly “homework” suggestions for personal daily practice.
:: Optional participation in online dialogue and support with other participants throughout the course.
:: Discount on Virtual Private Meditation Sessions while enrolled in 8 Weeks.
:: 10% off your next Samadhi for Peace virtual course.

What to expect:
:: Develop a foundation for your meditation practice with guidance from an experienced and compassionate teacher
:: Live instruction at a fraction of the cost
:: Understand the mechanics of meditation
:: Gain the ability to meditate on your own with confidence
:: Better sleep
:: Greater patience
:: Less frustration
:: Learn to use a meditation journal
:: Clearer thinking
:: Receive practical tools for weaving meditation into a busy life
:: More faith in yourself
:: Decreased anxiety
:: A course that is accessible to new and experienced meditators of all ages.

:: Our next session begins the week of October 13th.
:: Class meets Tuesdays from 3:00pm-4:30pm PT/6:00pm-7:30pm ET & Saturdays from 10:00am-11:30am PT/1:00pm-2:30pm ET (choose one or attend both!)
:: Dates of classes are as follows:
Introduction – Tuesday, October 15th & Saturday, October 19th
Week 1 – Tuesday, October 22nd & Saturday, October 26th
Week 2 – Tuesday, October 29th & Saturday, November 2nd
Week 3 – Tuesday, November 5th & Saturday, November 9th
Week 4 – Tuesday, November 12th & Saturday, November 16th
Week 5 – Tuesday, November 19th & Saturday, November 23rd
Week 6 – Tuesday, November 26th & Saturday, November 30th
Week 7 – Tuesday, December 3rd & Saturday, December 7th
Week 8 – Tuesday, December 10th & Saturday, December 14th

. . .

Interested? Awesome.
I’d love for you to join us.

Only one registration required per family
so long as you are logging in from the same device.
Please contact us if family members plan on participating separately.
Individual registrations are required but we offer significant discounts.

Click this button by 10am PT on October 15th to register:

“Jona is a remarkable teacher, healer and channel for energy that can transform you. We met in a meditation class in which she showed me how to build a lasting practice, a minute or two at a time. The guided meditation sessions we have done together have reached into the past and future, and the healing they’ve brought, and changes they’ve wrought, are deep and lasting.
In working with her, I’ve found inspirations for my business and creative work, gained a new sense of peace about my past and learned to connect to the energy that’s always there to heal and guide us.
Jona’s presence is calming, focusing and healing. She has a lot of light, a lot of laughter, and a lot of wisdom, much of it grounded in the not-so-woo-woo world of brain science. She’s a modern-day mystic, and I highly recommend her and the programs she offers through Samadhi for Peace.
She wants to change the world by helping you change your world. I think it’s working!”
-D.F.G., Editor & Writer, Los Angeles

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:: Scholarships are available. If you cannot afford the full price of 8 Weeks at this time, please email us at before October 4th, explaining why you would like to participate. Scholarships will be awarded to selected individuals on October 8th.