Lift Off

Drip by drip…

Designed with the beginner in mind,
this 30-Day introduction to meditation course
requires just a few minutes a day.

By way of a LIVE virtual platform, you’ll learn to
slow down,
be present
achieve more.

Begin your journey to better health by
sitting with an experienced and compassionate teacher
in the comfort of your own home, office or local park
once a week.

A beautiful workbook and journal
support the rest of your week.

Add live virtual private sessions,
if you wish.

. . .

Throw out the harder, faster mentality
and learn the new trick of the trade that’s
propelling CEOs, professional athletes and creatives
to new levels of

. . .

Lift Off is offered twice a year; at the beginning of the calendar year and early Summer.

Find 2015 session times and information HERE.

Only one registration is required per family.

. . .

Lift Off now because someday very soon,
the world will see meditation like brushing teeth;
something no one would expect
(or want)
you to leave the house without doing.

You absolutely have time for this.
Let us show you how.