Jona Genova

Jona Genova is an energy healer and meditation teacher that brings more than 20 years of devoted study and practice to her work. Jona’s practice is rooted in the idea that her compassion meditation and self-healing work “on the cushion” can translate to an individual’s life “off the cushion”. While Jona is an expert in mediation and healing, her work applies to a wide range of compassionate living teachings that include healthy eating, sustainable living, fitness, spirituality, and relationships.

Jona is the founder of Samadhi for Peace which offers workshops, classes, and compassion training. She is the founder of Community Meditation, a free live-streamed meditation gathering on Facebook. Each week, a community of thousands of people from around the world join to hear Jona’s teachings and meditate together. Jona has also created a well-respected Reiki certification program and a course combining energy healing, crystals and meditation which has been featured on MSN, Good Morning America, and the Associated Press.

Jona discovered a passion for the mind-body connection while conducting early brain mapping research at Clarkson University. Buddhist practices were a natural fit when she met her mentor,  Lama John Makransky at Boston College. Today, she is a teacher and Board Member with his organization, The Foundation for Active Compassion. Before visioning Samadhi for Peace, Jona worked in private equity and as a start-up member & director at several restaurants and nightclubs in NYC.

Based in Laguna Beach, CA, Jona has traveled the world to study Reiki and Buddhism including trips to Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, and throughout the U.S. where she has accumulated thousands of hours of practice. Currently Jona develops programs for individuals suffering from trauma as well as groups and corporations (Equinox, PAAMCO, yMarketing, Hyundai Capital) in Southern California.

Jona is most interested in cultivating compassion through her meditation practices to help individuals take action in their own lives and drive social justice.