Jona Genova

Jona has practiced meditations of Innate Wisdom & Compassion from Tibetan traditions for more than 18 years and received her training as a meditation teacher from Lama John Makransky at the Foundation for Active Compassion. A gifted healer, Reiki Master and Founder of Samadhi for Peace, she is developing new ways of integrating these practices with pain management, creative development, and peak performance- all while finding compassion for Self and spreading peace to others.

“Consider the possibility that we can transform suffering into peace with the energy of our breath.” -Jona Genova

She conducted brain research at Clarkson University and began a formal study of Buddhism and meditation with professor and Tibetan meditation teacher, Lama John Makransky while attending Boston College. Having held careers at top financial firms and as an entrepreneur, she understands the real life pressures you face when seeking a healthy work-life balance. Her approach is personalized, compassionate and results oriented, developing unique programs for individuals, corporations and academia. She has written five workbooks that complement her innovative methodology of applied meditation.

Jona lives in Southern California with her bullmastiff, sees limitless potential in everyone and knows that meditation enriches every aspect of our life experience.