Half Day Meditation Retreat

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

Half Day Meditation Retreat with Jona Genova

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Before awakening to the deeper truth, we can be fooled by reductive impressions we have for ourselves and others.

While some labels can be useful, they are distorted and they’re not us. The problem becomes more complex because we unconsciously react to these limited impressions for others in a way that correlates to and reinforces the limited impressions we have about ourselves. You, and all beings, are far more than this view can perceive.

What are the implications of these fixed concepts and what lies beyond them? Who are we without the reactionary responses to limited beliefs? What could happen if we learned to see the fuller picture?

Please join meditation teacher and Founder of Samadhi for Peace, Jona Genova, for a half day meditation retreat to explore, from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, habitual patterns of thought and the practices that liberate us from an unconsciously distorted view of ourselves and others.

Let’s liberate from the limited view.


Donations accepted. This is a safe space. All are welcome.

RSVP for further details: info@samadhiforpeace.com


Our sincerest thanks to Newport Academy for holding space for this retreat.