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Give. Receive. Practice. Healing.
What’s a Reiki Share?

Reiki is the ultimate self care experience but not everyone has the time or wants to invest in a private Reiki session. At a Reiki Share, newly attuned and experienced Reiki practitioners get practice while you get affordable, donation based healing.

At our Reiki Shares, everyone gives and receives healing. If you are not Reiki attuned, the Reiki Master facilitating the Share will teach you how to send the healing energy of love.

Reiki Shares are a safe place to send, receive and explore healing energy because they are guided and protected by an experienced Reiki Master.

Who is invited? Everyone!

Why should you attend?

Feeling sore or like you’ve plateaued in your yoga practice? Reiki is the ultimate self-care tool that will soothe those muscles and release the blockages that are keeping you stuck.

Traveling rough terrain in your journey or just want to be your best self? This gentle and highly effective healing works on the physical, emotional and physical planes, leaving you refreshed, strong and aligned with your authentic self.

Curious about energy healing and developing your sensitivity to energy? These interactive shares give you the chance to explore within an open and safe platform.

Reiki practitioners of all levels are strongly encouraged to attend these monthly opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Reiki while learning from other healers and receiving practical tips to strengthen your personal or professional practice.

What to expect:

Everyone will have the opportunity to give and receiving healing in an organized environment. Feedback is encouraged as a means to develop perceptivity to energy but this isn’t talk therapy.

Reiki Shares last a little over an hour and out of respect for the Reiki energy, donations are offered. This Share will be hosted by Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master Jona Genova.

Samadhi for Peace Healing Tribe Members: $5

All others: $10

Ra U

18242 W McDurmott, Suite A, Irvine, CA 92614

Thursday, August 10


*Registration is not required. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water. For more information, please contact Jona.