Energy Healing

My grade school report cards said it all.

Very Sensitive.
Even when I tried to “fix” it,
I could sense changes in heartbeat, karmic undercurrents, fears, and motivations.
I just assumed you could hear my thoughts too.In 2009, I began to explore “intuition” and
learned that what I thought I had to change about myself was actually an extraordinary gift.
By 2011, word was spreading about the
accuracy of my intuitive guidance as well as the
profound spiritual understanding related and inexplicable healing that occurred.
I knew this could not be ignored and for the next year,
I was given specific instructions during my own meditations for
how to heal with this unique “sensitivity”.
Since that time,
I have dedicated myself to allowing this gift to shine through
the study of meridians, chakras, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, Reiki, and sound therapy,
practice and care for my own body and well-being.Energy healing sessions are a compliment to medical and holistic treatment, personalized,
deeply soothing, and allow time for reflection.
There is no manipulation of muscle, just a gentle laying of hands.
. . .

I am fully booked and not accepting new clients at this time but

I am offering certifications to train new healers.